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We are honored to be identified as a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner," said Ravinder Reddy Arrabolu, President and CEO of Topsys


......A Payroll package for the 21st century

Our key product - Payroll21 - is a complete payroll solution. This extremely simple to use, Window based package can handle complex payroll requirements. A person with basic knowledge of payroll processing and familiarity with Windows environment can straight away start using the package.

Considering its simplicity, flexibility and pricing, Payroll21 becomes the right solution for all types of organizations. It is Compatible, Adaptable and Upgradeable to changes in the Rules and Regulations in future.

An overview of Payroll21 features is given below:

Payroll21 Features

Employee Master: Exhaustive Employee Master Data. Facility to import Employee Master from Excel and facility to create new user defined fields in Employee Master.

Salary Components: Unlimited Earning & Deduction components. Unlimited formulae & conditions and unlimited slabs possible.

Attendance: Attendance data can be imported through Excel. Attendance data can optionally include leave and Over Time details.

Reimbursement: Reimbursement of expenses towards Conveyance, Cellphone, Petrol etc can be handled by the system. Reimbursement report for a month gives the complete details including balance amount available.

Standard Reports: The standard reports available in Payroll21 are Pay Slip, Pay Sheet, Salary Bank Letter, Mode Of Pay Statement (Cash, Cheque & A/c Transfer), PT Report, ESI Report, PF Report, PF Calculation Report, Pay Statement-Summary, Reimbursement Slip, Non Salary-Pay Sheet, Non Salary Bank Letter, TDS Report, TDS Report - Summary, IT Computation sheet, IT Computation Sheet Horz. Out of these reports Pay Slip, Reimbursement Slip, Pay Statement-Summary and IT Computation sheet can be sent through email from the package.

Statutory Reports: The statutory reports available are IT (Form 16, Form 12BA & Form 24Q eTDS), ESI ( Form5, Form 6 & Form 7), PF (Form 3-A, Form 6-A, Form 10, Form 5 & Form 12-A), PT (monthly & anual returns)

Special Reports: The special reports available in Payroll21 are consolidated IT Computation sheet, Journal Voucher Report, Variance Report, Audit Trial, Information at a glance and Cost center report.

Query Builder: A powerful utility using which user can generate reports by creating queries on Employee, Salary and YTD data. User can further define different criteria (filter, sort, group by & Formula) using the available fields for the query created.

Income Tax: Payroll21 is delivered with the latest IT calculation rules. New investment/saving & Other Income components can be defined by user.

Salary Processing: Salary can be processed Division, Branch, Location or Department wise. New joinees, Resignations, LOP, Reverse LOP, Inactive employees, Arrears and Adjustments are taken care of during salary processing.

Settlement: Payroll21 handles Full and Final Settlement and can be done any time after resignation/retirement details entry. Based on the last day present, last salary paid, encashable leave & loan balance, notice period given etc., the final settlement is done.

Multiple Paygroups: Multiple Paygroups (Employee groups) with each group having separate set of salary components, holidays, salary processing dates etc are possible.

Leave Module: Leave and Leave types can be defined by the user. Leave data is available for formula creation.

Loan Module: Loan and Loan types can be defined by the user. As part of loan type, interest type (flat, EMI, Diminishing, None), ceiling amount etc can be defined.

User Access Control: Administrator can define different user groups with different functional level access. Also for each function, different privileges can be given (Add, Edit, Delete).

Utilities: Built-in Complete Back-up/Complete Restore, Parameter Back-up/Parameter Restore, Compress Database, Check & Correct Database, Purge Data, User defined Document Designer, Update Version etc are some of the utility functions available in Payroll21.

ACCPAC JV Output: This is an Excel output that can be input to Sage ACCPAC ERP package directly. The account codes are given with different segments as defined by the user. This is an optional feature.

Import/Export of Data: Almost all the inputs to the system (Employee Master, Attendance, Salary details, IT entries etc) can be imported to Payroll21 from Excel file. Similarly almost all the outputs are available in Excel, PDF etc forms.

Database Size and Speed: Payroll21 uses Firebird at the back-end. This is a full fledged RDBMS package ( and is capable of handling large data without affecting speed.

Payroll21 Models: Payroll21 comes in different models - Basic, Professional and Professional Plus - with different functionalities. All these models are available again in Single and Multi user versions.

Implementation & Support: The implementation normally takes one week (depending on the time taken by the customer to provide the required data in the prescribed format in Excel). Topsys processes one month data and send the processed data (Pay Slip, Pay Sheet etc) for verification by customer. Once the data is found correct, the implementation is done. Topsys gives all necessary back-end support through email/phone afterwards.

Payroll21 Models


Single User Version

Multi-User Version

Payroll21 Basic PR01-S PR01-N
Payroll21 Professional PR02-S PR02-N
Payroll21 Professional Plus PR03-S PR03-N

Payroll21 - Feature matrix

Optional Features

Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots
Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots
Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots
Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots Payroll 21 Screenshots

System Requirements

  • Pentium II or higher processor
  • Microsoft Windows 98 or above operating system
  • 128 MB memory (256 MB preferred)
  • 1GB hard disk space
  • CD - Rom Drive
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • 80 column printer