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We are honored to be identified as a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner," said Ravinder Reddy Arrabolu, President and CEO of Topsys

Payroll T & A

.... Payroll21 with T&A Software

With ‘Payroll21 T&A’, user now gets an integrated Payroll package with T&A (Time & Attendance) functions. Payroll21 is a simple yet powerful payroll processing package. Payroll21 T&A can read attendance data from T&A machines directly to Payroll21. Once the attendance data is processed they are then readily available in Payroll21 for further salary processing. There is no need of any importing attendance data through excel or in any other form.

As there is only one software package to be handled for Payroll and T&A functions, users will find it extremely convenient and simple to use Payroll21 T&A.

The T&A software that is part of Payroll21 T&A is very powerful and extremely fast. A separate set of menus are provided in Payroll21 T&A to handle the T&A related functions.

Following are the T&A related functions available in Payroll21 T&A:

  • reading, setting and clearing machine data
  • configuring T&A machine(s) in the package
  • defining shifts & shift schedule
  • manual log entry & outside duty entry
  • download/upload staff details from T&A machines
  • downloading attendance data from T&A machines
  • processing attendance
  • facility to view attendance log for any period
  • creation of Attendance, Exception and OT reports

Payroll and T&A functions uses the same database that can handle very large amount of data very efficiently. Payroll21 T&A installation is very simple and straight forward.

Users get all the functionalities of the existing Payroll21 in Payroll21 T&A..

.....A web based HRM Software

Crown HRMS is an exhaustive HRM (Human Resource Management) Software that requires very little training to start using. Crown HRMS has been specially developed by keeping the HR professionals in mind.

Crown HRMS can be tightly integrated with Payroll21 – the Payroll processing package from Topsys. One can use Crown HRMS without Payroll21 also.

The different modules available in Crown HRMS presently are:

  • Employee Master - complete Employee information management
  • Payroll21 ESS - an Employee Self Service module related to Payroll21
  • eLMS - an on-line Leave Management System
  • eTMS - an online Training Management System
  • eRecruit - an online Recruitment Management System

Out of the above modules, the Employee Master module comes by default. User can decide if other modules are required or not and the pricing is based on the modules opted by the user.

Salient Features:

  • can work as an independent product or can be integrated with Payroll21
  • extremely simple and user friendly
  • single installation on the server, users access the system through browser
  • separate login for HR staff, Managers and Employees
  • log file containing all admin actions
  • email communication to Employees and Managers on important actions
  • customer has to pay only for the modules opted (Employee Master being default)
  • import of Employee detail from Excel
  • User Access Control

Account21 has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of a simple yet powerful business package at an affordable price. A person familiar the windows environment and basic accounting can straight away start using the package. Considering its simplicity, flexibility and pricing, Account21 becomes a perfect fit for all types of organisations.

Account21 comes bundled with a number of features for user convenience and also different modules are made available with varying functionalities for all user requirements.

The Financial Accounting module meets all the statutory requirements and comes with powerful functionalities like Account21 Explorer. With this, the user can get an overview of the business from and can traverse to the lowest level of transactions.

The package has a powerful Document Designer with which users can create their own invoice formats. Different types of taxes & duties can be defined and stored as templates. Users can also define their own fields. Added to this, fully customizable normal, excise and export invoices can be prepared from the system.

The inventory module supports both trading and manufacturing inventory. Costing of a product with BOM is a matter of clicking a button using the package.

Sales and Purchase Order processing is part of Account21.The system allows the user to track the complete sales cycle from entry of sales order to receipt of payment. Similarly the purchase cycle can be tracked from entry of purchase order to payables.

Extensive M I S reports (Web Enabled) are part of Account21.

In Account21 International version the user can select the base currency of his choice but in domestic version base currency will always be Rupee and cannot be changed.